com·mons ˈkämənz/ land or resources belonging to or affecting the whole of a community.

About Us

Citizens for Public Commons is dedicated to promoting sustainable land use and the protection of the public’s natural resources.  This includes land and water resources like open space properties, rivers and streams.

Citizens for Public Commons (CPC) works with government officials, public and private agencies, and individuals to find common ground when matters of development and use of public lands are at issue. CPC strives to find the right balance between legal use and the conservation of resources that are owned and enjoyed by the public.

CPC achieves this mission through five mechanisms:

  • Public Commons Projects – There is no substitute for people working together to make progress. CPC conducts a wide variety of projects from advocating on specific land issues to funding and conducting legal and scientific research on matters affecting public lands.
  • Public Forum for Public Commons – Awareness is the first step to getting people excited about the importance of public lands. CPC conducts education, writes opinion papers and works with journalists and content aggregators to inform the public.
  • Public Funding for Public Commons – Much of the funding for public lands is derived from taxes paid by citizens and companies for the express purpose of protecting lands. Sources include federal taxes on hunting and fishing equipment, and the Land and Water Conservation Fund as well as numerous state and local contributions. CPC is a voice in policy and spending from these sources.
  • Public Policy for Public Commons – Government regulations and laws have a significant impact on the public enjoyment of public lands. CPC seeks to influence public policy to ensure that public lands are protected for the enjoyment and sustainable use of citizens.
  • Partnership for Public Commons – Protection of public resources is a team sport. CPC partners with individuals and organizations to achieve shared objectives.

Citizens for Public Commons Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Citizens for Public Commons values the privacy of our members and visitors. Please review our privacy policy for additional information.

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