At the Thursday, February 11th meeting of the Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial Commission (SHPMC), about a dozen community members including Director Ann Astarita and other supporters attended to hear Town Attorney David Grogins speak about the development of town Open Space for the memorial, road/driveway, parking lot, lighting and needed utilities.

Reportedly, there are several issues with the town’s recording of that property as open space on land records. Town officials confirmed their belief that the land was indeed Open Space and they indicated that they will correct the land records.

A central issue being raised by many in the community is that this land qualitifes for the protections of open space regardless of town officials’ filing errors.

Excerpt from the Newtown Bee article. Link to complete article below.

On Friday, February 12, Town Attorney David L. Grogins clarified a statement he made at the Thursday, February 11 meeting of the Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial Commission (SHPMC) about why the High Meadow at Fairfield Hills is not open space. The SHPMC is currently considering a portion of the High Meadow as the most likely place for a memorial to be sited. Conservation-minded residents have spoken out against this use of open space, and continued to do so at the February 11 meeting.

Link to Newtown Bee article

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