Proposed SiteThe Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial Commission (SHPMC) identified a 6-acre property at 28 Riverside Road as the preferred location for a memorial site for the 26 people who were killed in the December 14, 2012 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

That property and an adjacent 0.85-acre property located at 32 Riverside Road are owned by Boys Social and Athletic Club of Sandy Hook, Inc., a nonprofit group.

Commonly known as “SAC Field”, the 28 Riverside Road property holds an old baseball and soccer fields, and a garage used by Newtown Underwater Search And Rescue.

 The location is close to the new Sandy Hook Elementary School at 12 Dickinson Drive.

According to The Newtown Bee, the SHPMC voted unanimously in October to pursue this new site and will begin discussions with SAC Field trustees to work on acquiring the property.

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