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The organization is dedicated to promoting sustainable land use and the protection of the public’s natural resources.  This includes land and water resources like open space properties and streams.

As development increases, the protection of our public places becomes more and more important.  Studies show that people, children and adults, who spend time outdoors have increased feelings of well being, greater brain function and concentration, more effective vitamin D intake, enjoy exercise more, and suffer less pain and stiffness.

Whether we’re walking in open space, hiking along trails, hunting or fishing in season, biking on a trail, or cross-country skiing, we value public lands. To us and to the wildlife we care about, public lands are a benefit to our communities and our lives. Cleaner air, water, greater land resources, the benefits are immeasurable.  We tackle projects to ensure public commons stay both protected and accessible.

Many times people with diverse outdoor interests feel they don’t have much in common, but we all appreciate and enjoy our public lands. Trees, streams, wetlands: we need and value them.  We all have that in common and that is a great start to conversations about sustainable land use and future planning.  The public commons are a birthright and we don’t want them lost.

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